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28 de junho de 2006

Phil Collins

The Platinum Collection

Disc 1
In The Air Tonight - This Must Be Love - Behind The Lines
Roof Is Leaking - Droned - Hand In Hand - I Missed Again
You Know What I Mean - I'm Not Moving - If Leaving Me Is Easy
Tomorrow Never Knows - Thunder And Lightning
Disc 2
Sussudio - Only You Know And I Know
Long Long Way To Go - Don't Want To Know
One More Night - Don't Lose My Number - Who Said I Would
Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore - Inside Out
Take Me Home - We Said Hello Goodbye
Disc 3
Hang In Long Enough - That's Just The Way It Is
Do You Remember - Something Happened On The Way ...
Colours - I Wish It Would Rain Down - Another Day In Paradise
Heat On The Street - All Of My Life - Saturday Night And...
Father To Son - Find A Way To My Heart
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