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16 de fevereiro de 2008

The Black Crowes
Shake Your Money Maker

01. Twice As Hard
02. Jealous Again
03. Sister Luck
04. Could I've Been So Blind
05. Seeing Things
06. Hard To Handle
07. Thick N' Thin
08. She Talks To Angels
09. Struttin' Blues
10. Stare It Cold
11 .Live Too Fast Blues.mp3


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Creedence Clearwater Revival
Pendulum - 1970

01 - Pagan Baby
02 - Sailor's Lament
03 - Chameleon
04 - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
05 - (Wish I Could) Hideaway
06 - Born to Move
07 - Hey Tonight
08 - It's Just a Thought
09 - Molina
10 - Rude Awakening #2


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Lynyrd Skynyrd
All Time The Greatest Hits

01 - Sweet Home Alabama
02 - Gimme Three Steps
03 - Simple Man
04 - Saturday Night Special
05 - Swamp Music
06 - The Ballad of Curtis Lowe
07 - Call Me the Breeze
08 - Comin' Home
09 - Gimme Back My Bullets
10 - What's Your Name
11 - You Got That Right
12 - All I Can Do Is Write About It (acoustic version)
13 - That Smell
14 - Free Bird (live)


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Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles
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01. Marbles
02. Lava
03. Evil Ways
04. Faith Interlude
05. Them Changes
06. Free Form Funkafide Filth


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15 de fevereiro de 2008

King Krimson
Larks' Tongues In Aspic - 1973

01-Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part One
02-Book Of Saturday
04-Easy Money
05-The Talking Drum
06-Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part Two



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14 de fevereiro de 2008

Eric Clapton
Complete Clapton - 2007
2 CD's

01. I Feel Free: Cream
02. Sunshine of Your Love: Cream
03. White Room: Cream
04. Crossroads: Cream
05. Badge: Cream
06. Presence of the Lord: Blind Faith
07. After Midnight
08. Let It Rain
09. Bell Bottom Blues
10. Layla
11. Let It Grow
12. I Shot the Sheriff
13. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
14. Hello Old Friend
15. Cocaine
16. Lay Down Sally
17. Wonderful Tonight
18. Promises
19. I Can't Stand It

Complete Clapton - CD2

01. I’ve Got A Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart 3:16
02. She’s Waiting 4:56
03. Forever Man 3:14
04. It’s In The Way That You Use It 4:13
05. Miss You 5:07
06. Pretending 4:43
07. Bad Love 5:08
08. Tears In Heaven 4:35
09. Layla (Unplugged) 4:39
10. Running On Faith (Unplugged) 6:12
11. Motherless Child 2:59
12. Change The World 3:56
13. My Father’s Eyes 5:24
14. Riding With The King (With B.B.King) 4:25
15. Sweet Home Chicago 5:17
16. If I Had Possession Of Judgement Day 3:27
17. Ride The River (With J.J. Cale) 4:35

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Neil Young
Chicago Hurricane - 1976

01-Heart Of Gold
02-The Old Laughing Lady
03-Journey Through The Past
04-Too Far Gone
05-Give Me Strength
06-The Needle And The Damage Done
07-A Man Needs A Maid
08-Tell Me Why
09-Sugar Mountain

01-Country Home
02-Don't Cry No Tears
03-Peace Of Mind
04-Lotta Love
05-Like A Hurricaine
06-After The Gold Rush
07-Are You Ready For The Country


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The Band
Stage Fright - 1970

01-Strawberry Wine
03-Time To Kill
04-Just Another Whistle Stop
05-All La Glory
06-The Shape I'm In
07-The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
08-Daniel And The Sacred Harp
09-Stage Fright
10-The Rumor



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12 de fevereiro de 2008

Re-post a Pedido
London Symphony Orchestra - 1972

01. Overture (3:23)

02. It's a Boy (2:27)
03. 1921 (3:52)
04. Amazing Journey
05. Sparks (3:21)
06. Eyesight to the Blind (2:30)
07. Christmas (4:41)
08. Cousin Kevin (4:22)
09.The Acid Queen (3:48)
10.Underture (4:38)
11.Do You Think It's Alright (0:31)
12.Fiddle About (1:25)
13.Pin Ball Wizard (3:46)
14.There's a Doctor I've Found (2:47)
15.Go to the Mirror Boy (1:46)
16.Tommy Can You Hear Me (1:50)
17.Smash The Mirror (1:25)
18. I'm Free (2:31)
19. Miracle Cure (0:11)
20. Sensation (2:36)
21. Sally Simpson (5:12)
22.Welcome (4:42)
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp (2:21)
24. We're Not Gonna Take It (2:24)
25. See Me, Feel Me (Finale from (3:04)

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Brother argentino, link ativo para
Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home:

Brother que solicitou o link de
Bob Dylan - Bringing It All Back Home,
tente pelo link abaixo. Parece estar funcionando!
Brothers, a web é a cada dia um mundo totalmente novo para nós navegantes! Digo isso porque a cada dia me surpreendo mais com o que encontro neste universo, como esta descoberta meio que por acaso, mas que indico a todos os amantes da boa música e do som de qualidade! Trata-se do blog do nosso "hermano" Abel, um argentino de gosto especial e que vocês próprios comprovarão ao darem um passadinha por lá!
Heavy Horses - 1978

01-And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
02-Acres Wild
03-No Lullaby
07-One Brown Mouse
08-Heavy Horses

Faixas Bônus
10-Living In These Hard Times
11-Broadford Bazaar


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Van Morrison
His Band And The Street Choir - 1970

02-Crazy Face
03-Give Me A Kiss
04-I've Been Working
05-Call Me Up In Dreamland
06-I'll Be Your Lover, Too
07-Blue Money
08-Virgo Clowns
09-Gypsy Queen
10-Sweet Jannie
11-If I Ever Needed Someone
12-Street Choir



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Dave Mason
Mariposa de Oro - 1978

01-Don't It Make You Wonder
02-Searchin' (For A Feeling)
03-All Gotta Go Sometime
04-Warm Desire
05-Warm And Tender Love
06-Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
07-Share Your Love
08-Bird On The Wind
09-So Good To Be Home
10-The Words
11-No Doubt About It



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