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28 de julho de 2006

Quarteto em Cy & Tamba Trio

Som Definitivo - 1965


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Blogger Sem Sinatra disse...

THE ALBUM STARTS off on quite a heavy note ... but the voices of Quarteto Em Cy (The Girls from Bahia) are never less than oerfect and this is no exception ... it's quite a difficult album but not bad by any means ... I don't know the full background of it but at times it seems quite intintimate ... maye too many slow songs ... Se Voce Pensar is not one of them ... nothe ideal intro to QMC I would say but nevertheless a fine album. If this album leaves you cold listen to Os Afro Sambas to which QMC contributed the most heavenly backing vocals. If you've never heard Os Afro Sambas and you're reading this then consider it essential homework. It won't be a chore!

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