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5 de agosto de 2006

Janis Joplin
Box of Pearls

Disco 1
Big Brother & The Holding Company
1. Bye, Bye Baby
2. Easy Rider
3. Intruder
4. Light Is Faster Than Sound
5. Call On Me
6. Women Is Losers
7. Blindman
8. Down On Me
9. Caterpillar
10. All Is Loneliness
11. Coo Coo (Single)
12. The Last Time (Single)
13. Call On Me (Alternate Take)
14. Bye, Bye Baby (Alternate Take)


Disco 2
Cheap Thrills

1. Combination Of The Two
2. I Need A Man To Love
3. Summertime
4. Piece Of My Heart
5. Turtle Blues
6. Oh, Sweet Mary
7. Ball And Chain
8. Roadblock (Studio Outake)
9. Flower In The Sun (Studio Outake)
10. Catch Me Daddy (Live)
11. Magic Of Love (Live)


Disco 3
I Got Dem Ol Kozmic Blues Again Mama !

1. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)
2. Maybe
3. One Good Man
4. As Good As You've Been To This World
5. To Love Somebody
6. Kozmic Blues
7. Little Girl Blue
8. Work Me, Lord
9. Dear Landlord (Session Outtake)
10. Summertime (Live At Woodstock)
11. Piece Of My Heart (Live At Woodstock)

1. Move Over
2. Cry Baby
3. A Woman Left Lonely
4. Half Moon
5. Buried Alive In The Blues
6. My Baby
7. Me And Bobby McGee
8. Mercedes Benz
9. Trust Me
10. Get It While You Can
11. Tell Mama (Live)
12. Little Girl Blue (Live)
13. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) (Live)
14. Cry Baby (Live)


Disco 5
Rare Pearls

1. It's A Deal (Studio Outtake)
2. Easy Once You Know How (Studio Outtake)
3. Maybe (Live)
4. Raise Your Hand (Live)
5. Bo Diddley (Live)

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Blogger Érica Martinez disse...

Oi, tudo bem? Que bom encontrar um blog tão completo e bacana para baixar qualquer música que apareça por acaso na cabeça!
Estava muito atrás de Janis, mas vários dos links estão com problemas... Me ajuda?

11:51 AM  

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