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29 de setembro de 2006

Jesus Christ Superstar

Original Soundtrack - 1973

01. Overture - Andre Previn
02. Heaven On Their Minds - Carl Anderson
03. What's The Buzz - Ted Neeley/Yvonne Elliman/The Apostles
04. Strange Thing Mystifying - Carl Anderson/Ted Neeley/The Apostles/Apostles' Women
05. Then We Are Decided - Bob Bingham/Kurt Yaghijan
06. Everything's Alright - Yvonne Elliman/Ted Neeley/The Apostles/Apostles' Women
07. This Jesus Must Die - Bob Bingham/Kurt Yaghijan/Priests/Crowd
08. Hosanna - Ted Neeley/Bob Bingham/Crowd
09. Simon Zealotes - Larry T. Marshall/Crowd
10. Poor Jerusalem - Ted Neeley
11. Pilate's Dream - Barry Dennen
12. The Temple - Ted Neeley
13. I Don't Know How To Love Him - Yvonne Elliman
14. Damned For All Time/Blood Money - Carl Anderson/Bob Bingham/Kurt Yaghijian

01. The Last Supper - Ted Neeley/Carl Anderson
02. Gethsemane (I Only Wanted To Say) - Ted Neeley
03. The Arrest - Ted Neeley/Peter/The Apostles/Bob Bingham/Kurt Yaghijian
04. Peter's Denial - Peter/Yvonne Elliman/Women
05. Pilate And Christ - Barry Dennen/Ted Neeley
06. King Herod's Song - Johsua Mostel
07. Could We Start Again, Please? - Yvonne Elliman/Peter/The Apostles
08. Judas' Death - Carl Anderson/Bob Bingham/Kurt Yaghijian
09. Trial Before Pilate - Barry Dennen/Ted Neeley/Bob Bingham
10. Superstar - Carl Anderson/Angels
11. Crucifixion
12. Crucifixion



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2 Comentários:

Anonymous Anônimo disse...

fico puto quando não encontro arquivo.
logo os que eu mais quero.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Carla disse...

Hello - I am looking everywhere for this and you are only one found. If you still have this title please is it possible to upload again if you have the time?

Thank you

5:22 PM  

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