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20 de novembro de 2006

Ben Harper

Both Sides of the Gun

01. Morning Yearning
02. Waiting For You
03. Picture In A Frame
04. Never Leave Lonely Alone
05. Sweet Nothing Serenade
06. Reason To Mourn
07. More Than Sorry
08. Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now
09. Happy Everafter In Your Eyes

01. Better Way
02. Both Sides Of The Gun
03. Engraved Invitation
04. Black Rain
05. Gather ‘Round The Stone
06. Please Don’t Talk About Murder While I’m Eating
07. Get It Like You Like It
08. The Way You Found Me
09. Serve Your Soul


Fight for Your Mind

1. Oppression
2. Ground On Down
3. Another Lonely Day
4. Please Me Like You Want To
5. Gold To Me
6. Burn One Down
7. Excuse Me Mr.
8. People Lead
9. Fight For Your Mind
10. Give A Man A Home
11. By My Side
12. Power Of The Gospel
13. God Fearing Man
14. One Road To Freedom


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