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29 de janeiro de 2007

Three Dog Night
Seven Separate Fools - 1972

01. Black And White
02. My Old Kentucky Home
03. Prelude To Morning
04. Pieces Of April
05. Going To Circles
06. Chained
07. Tulsa Turnaround
08. In Bed
09. Freedom For The Stallion
10. The Writings On The Wall
11. Midnight Runaway

Joy to the World
Greatest Hits

01-Joy to the World
03-Sure as I'm Sittin' Here
04-An Old Fashioned Love Song
05-Let Me Serenade You
07-Black and White
08-Never Been to Spain
09-One Man Band
10-Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)
11-I'd Be So Happy
13-Family of Man
14-The Show Must Go On


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