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13 de abril de 2007


Vol 1
01 Theme from Andromeda [Alex]
02 Little Drummer Boy [Alex]
03 Closer To The Heart [Geddy and friends]
04 In The Mood - Jazz Bass [Geddy and friends]
05 Get Ready [Geddy bass lesson]
06 O Canada [Geddy MLB All Star Game 1993]
07 There Is A Lake Between Sun And Moon [Pye DuBois - Poet]
08 Analog Kid [Live pre release]
09 Animate [Live pre release]
10 Bad Boy [Live 1974 radio]

Vol 2
11 The Big Money [Live pre release]
12 Blues Improv [Live]
13 The Body Electric [Live pre release]
14 ByTor Medley [Live rare complete version]
15 Can't Fight It [B-side first single]
16 Carve Away The Stone [A Work In Progress mix]
17 Closer To The Heart [Spanish guitar intro]
18 Cold Fire [Live country intro]
19 Cold Fire [A Work In Progress mix]
20 Country Improv 1 [Live]
21 Country Improv 2 [Live]

Vol 3
22 Cut To The Chase [A Work In Progress mix]
23 Dog Years [A Work In Progress mix]
24 Double Agent [A Work In Progress mix]
25 Driven [A Work In Progress mix]
26 Dueling Banjos [Live goofing off]
27 Entre Nous [Live pre release]
28 Everyday Glory [A Work In Progress mix]
29 Fancy Dancer [Live 1974 radio]
30 Force Ten [Japan Different Stages CD]
31 Freewill [Live pre release]
32 Garden Road [Live 1974]
33 Ghost Of A Chance [Live rare]

Vol 4
34 Half The World [A Work In Progress mix]
35 In The End [Live early version]
36 It's A Rap - Alex [Roll The Bones promo]
37 It's A Rap - Geddy [Roll The Bones promo]
38 It's A Rap - Neil [Roll The Bones promo]
39 Juno Awards Ceremony
40 Kid Gloves [Live pre release]
41 La Villa Strangiato [Live early version]
42 Limbo [A Work In Progress mix]
43 Limelight [Live pre release]
44 Lock And Key [Live rare]

Vol 5
45 Middletown Dreams [Live pre release]
46 New World Man [Get Smart intro]
47 Nobody's Hero [A Work In Progress mix]
48 Not Fade Away [A-side first single]
49 Order Of Canada Award Ceremony
50 Red Lenses [Live pre release]
51 Red Lenses [Drum solo version]
52 Red Sector A [Live pre release]
53 Resist [A Work In Progress mix]
54 Rock Improv [Live]

Vol 6
55 Scars [Live rare]
56 Stick It Out [A Work In Progress mix]
57 Subdivisions [Live pre release]
58 Test For Echo [A Work In Progress mix]
59 The Color Of Right [A Work In Progress mix]
60 The Spirit Of The Radio [Live pre release]
61 The Trees [Live early version]
62 The Weapon [Live]
63 The Weapon [Live B-side single]
64 The Weapon [Ultradisc II edit]
65 Time And Motion [A Work In Progress mix]

Vol 7
66 Time And Motion [Live rare]
67 Time Stand Still [Video edit]
68 Tom Sawyer [Live pre release]
69 Tom Sawyer [Small Soldiers Alt mix]
70 Tom Sawyer [Small Soldiers Remix]
71 Tom Sawyer [Small Soldiers Slam mix]
72 Totem [A Work In Progress mix]
73 Twilight Zone [Live rare]
74 Virtuality [A Work In Progress mix]

Vol 8
75 Vital Signs [Live 1992]
76 Vital Signs [Live B-side single]
77 Where's My Thing [Live soundboard]
78 Where's My Thing [Alex's wireless mix]
79 Wipeout - Jazz Bass [Live]
80 Working Man [Rockabilly intro]
81 Working Man - Armageddon [Reggae inrto]
82 Working Man medley [Live rare]
83 Xanadu [Live pre release]

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Anonymous Anônimo disse...

Infelizmente, a última parte de Rarities-Rush não está mais no Rapidshare... Tem como disponibilizá-la novamente??

10:44 PM  

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