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9 de julho de 2007

John Lennon
The Dirty Mac Session

01) Yer Blues - Unused Rehearsal Version
02) Blues Jam
03) John and Mick's Intro of 'The Dirty Mac'(from film soundtrack)
04) Yer Blues - from film soundtrack
05) Whole Lotta Yoko - from film soundtrack
06) John and Mick 'Yer Blues' Acapella - Studio Dialogue
07) Yer Blues - Take 1 Early Version with no vocals
08) Yer Blues - Take 2 Early Version with no vocals
09) Yer Blues - From IBC Mono Acetate
10) Jam - IBC Mono Acetate
11) Mini Opera (A Quick One While He's Away) - IBC Mono Acetate
12) Purple Haze - IBC Mono Acetate (San Francisco Winterland Arena)13) Wild Thing - IBC Mono Acetate (San Francisco Winterland Arena)


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Blogger Emma Darkly. disse...

I know it's a long shot, but would it at all be possible for you to reupload this, please?
Thanks a lot!

2:57 PM  

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