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8 de setembro de 2007

Fleetwood Mac
Blues Jam in Chicago
Volume 1 - 1969
0 1-Watch Out!
02-Ooh Baby
03-South Indiana (Take 1)
04-South Indiana (Take 2)
05-Last Night
06-Red Hot Jam (Take 1)
07-Red Hot Jam (Take 2)
08-I'm Worried
09-I Held My Baby Last Night
1 0-Madison Blues
1 1-I Can't Hold Out
1 2-Bobby's Rock
1 3-I Need Your Love (Take 2)
1 4-Horton's Boogie Woogie (Take 1)
1 5-I Got The Blues


Volume 2
0 1-World's In A Tangle
02-Talk With You
03-Like It This Way
04-Someday Soon Baby
05-Hungry Country Girl
06-Black Jack Blues
07-Everyday I Have The Blues
08-Rockin' Boogie
09-My Baby's Gone
1 0-Sugar Mama (Take 1)
1 1-Sugar Mama
1 2-Homework
1 3-Honey Boy Blues
1 4-I Need Your Love (Take 1)
1 5-Horton's Boogie Woogie (Take 2)
1 6-Have A Good Time
1 7-That's Wrong
1 8-Rock Me Baby



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