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26 de outubro de 2008

Minstrels Came To Play
mp3 - 320kbps
Gravado em Mannheim, 5 de maio de 1992, durante a turnê
A Little Light Music.


02-Leaving Blues
03-Living In The Past
04-Fat Man
05-Rocks On The Road
06-Life's A Long Song
07-Under Wraps
08-One Brown Mouse
09-Too Old To Rock'n Roll, Too Young To Die
10-One White Duck
11-A New Day Yesterday
13-From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser


01-Roll Your Own
02-Look Into The Sun
03-A Christmas Song
04-Said She Was A Dancer
06-When Jesus Came To Play
07-Pussy Willow
08-Jump Start
09-Locomotive Breath
10-Thick As A Brick


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2 Comentários:

Blogger Amadeu disse...

ooh, muito bacana esse disco, mas os sites estão muito confusos...

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Anônimo disse...

This show is great and the sound quality is excellent. However this bootleg has many flaws that have been corrected and a new version is available below.
Believe me, I was very disappointed by the first boot, but this revised version now sounds like it could be an official release. Recommended and downloadable here :

part 1 :

part 2:

part 3:

8:40 PM  

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